Puzzle Step Stool

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Puzzle Step Stool


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Welcome new babies and celebrate first birthdays by gifting them with the Puzzle Step Stool. The stool makes a great addition to any nursery or child’s bedroom and they will have it for years to come. Choose between bright primary colors or pastel hues for lettering which pop against the wood base of the stool. Not only is The Puzzle Step Stool adorable but a great teaching tool when learning letters and how to spell their name. These stools make for cherished memories.

Size: OS

Color Letters: Primary, Pastel 

Size (Length x Depth x Height):

  • Original: 12”x9”x8” (8 letters max)
  • Long: 16”x9”x8” (12 letters max)
  • Long with Two Separate Names: 16”x9”x8” (10 letters max)
  • Extra Long: 20”x9”x8” (16 letters max)
  • Extra Long with Two Separate Names: 20”x9”x8” (14 letters max)

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